Just what is.... "DARE!" by David Laurie

My heart is broken now.


***RIP David Bowie 11.1.16. ***


I wrote a tribute to Himself, without whom there would be no book (obviously)


there would also be no me, at least in this form.  


DARE is my first Book.


The print run for the First Edition was funded by a successful Kickstarter Project and hit its target in the Summer od 2015.  The First Edition sold out before Christmas and I've reprinted twice now.


If you've enjoyed DARE, let me know. You can get me at





There have been some very kind reviews....


“David nails this perfectly in this supercharged enthusathon of a book.” MOJO


David Laurie looks back on Bowie’s rampant experimentalism in mid-70s Berlin that saw him tear up the rule book and refuse to read it ever again.”  THE LINE OF BEST FIT


“a nostalgic celebration...it psalms the early 80s gleeful glide into synthesisers, electronica and flamboyant creative weirdness” Chris Roberts, PROG


“….you will love this” Record Collector ****


 “serious love for this book….ace stuff”   Sabotage Times


“extraordinary” Classic Pop magazine, 


"David Laurie has written an engaging guide to his true love that is both passionate and very well-informed."  David Quantick


“Brilliant. I loved it” Steve Lamacq


“DARE is a fascinating read which is as entertaining as it is enlightening. Go on, I dare you.”  Chickens Are Dinosaurs

“a guaranteed witty and entertaining read!”  Spill magazine


So yes, the book....


It's about one of the most exciting times ever in Pop Music...


How a handful of groundbreaking albums from David Bowie and Kraftwerk in the late Seventies, coupled with the advent of mass-produced computer technology, forever changed what it meant to be In A Band.


They gave POP MUSIC a whole new language. 


This is the tale of how Synthpop rendered dear old Rock’n’Roll redundant almost overnight and how Britain fell in love with the Bleep.  The untutored genius of The Human League, New Order, Simple Minds, ABC, OMD, The Cure, Tears For Fears et al achieved what the white heat of Punk had failed to: a revolutionary and massively successful European music, that redrew the generation gap and took Pop on a quantum leap into the future.  


This New Pop reached its dizzying peak in 1982 as bands were rocketing from the relative obscurity of a John Peel session into the flashbulb glare of Top Of The Pops. They were splashed in brilliant technicolour over the covers of both Smash Hits and NME and soon set their sights on America...but at what price? 


This entertaining book describes how the exotic and enduring singles and albums of this incendiary Year Zero made everything that existed before seem instantly old fashioned and  why the music continues to inspire your favourite new artists today. 


David Laurie was 14 in 1982, living in an endlessly damp, grey South Wales. This glittering New Pop music blew his mind week after week and led him down the rocky path to becoming an A&R Man, running a record label and spending 20 years (oh my, and counting) looking for the Next Big Thing.  He is an insightful Music Biz veteran now, still addicted to buying new records every week and still very much in touch with that wide-eyed teenager. 






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